Energy Audit

Energy Audit

Energy Audit is no more a fancy term, just like financial audit it’s a responsibility of good Industry or an organization to keep track of it’s energy consumptions. Because now a days one on the biggest raw material for any facility is electricity and cost of it is ever raising. Without a good hold on it

Over a period of time all machine degrade and efficiency will come down leading it to consume lot more energy compared to a new machine, so until and unless you do an energy audit it’s difficult to pin point the loophole in your facility.

Uses of Energy Audit

  • 30-70% Savings on energy usage cost
  • Detection of possible failure and setting up a remedy
  • Increased safety for Industry as a whole
  • Higher energy efficiency

How can we Help you?

We take reading of all your previous energy consumptions, inspect each and every machinery or energy consuming device, analyse the data and recommend for correction.

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